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Arte has an amazing documentary about fasting : Fasting: A new Therapy? (available on Arte or on YouTube) and all the most recent scientific researchs, like Valter Longo's researchs about chimiotherapie and cancer.


The founder of the therapeutic fasting method, Dr Otto Buchinger, believed that “after fasting, one’s awareness should be greater than one’s waistband!” This observation gives a clear indication of one of the important characteristics of fasting: fasting does indeed involve the deliberate and voluntary abstention from solid food, but refers to more than just a weight-loss treatment – rather, during fasting, the body is cleaned from the inside and the body’s capacity for self-healing is reactivated. Of course, the best place to undergo this treatment is at the home of Buchinger therapeutic fasting in the Buchinger Clinic in Bad Pyrmont!

Dr Otto Buchinger developed his therapeutic fasting method after having treated himself for a rheumatic condition. In developing his method, the doctor of internal medicine expanded upon existing fasting techniques, since he had discovered that a diet devoid of any calories at all had a detrimental effect on patients suffering from chronic illnesses. In lieu of a zero calorie diet, he elaborated a fasting method that involved consuming more liquids, such as nutritious vegetable broths and juices.

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The BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting method is not a ‘zero calorie diet’ but a low-calorie liquid diet, during which approximately 200 – 300 kilocalories are consumed each day. After an initial adjustment period, the principle source of nourishment consumed for the duration of the fast is a particularly nutritious organic vegetable broth. This fasting diet is supplemented by fruit and vegetable juices, as well as tea and mineral water. The breaking of the fast at the end of the BUCHINGER therapeutic fast is traditionally celebrated with an apple and the handover of the ‘Fast Certificate’.

The patient is then put on an incremental ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, which is another essential component of the BUCHINGER method. Using ingredients sourced from regulated, organic producers which are then carefully prepared by our chefs, we will show you the way back to a healthy whole-food diet one step at a time. In order to ensure that you continue to feel the beneficial effects of your stay with us, we recommend that you consider the recipes and principles that you pick up with us as pointers for your every day life in the long run.


1ST STEP Anamnesis: Verifying suitability to undergo therapeutic fasting treatment

📷 2ND STEP Creation of an individual treatment plan

📷 3RD STEP Introduction to fasting with light meals

📷 4TH STEP Colon cleansing

📷 5TH STEP Therapeutic fasting period with tea, broths and juices

📷 6TH STEP Concomitant therapies, e.g. liver packs

📷 7TH STEP Accompanying exercise & meditation

📷 8TH STEP Celebration of breaking the fast

📷 9TH STEP Gradual re-introduction to ingesting solid foods & advice on transitioning into everyday life



Voluntarily abstaining from solid foods is an essential aspect of therapeutic fasting. Yet, neither weight loss nor any other short-term goal is the true purpose of fasting. It is instead the aim of therapeutic fasting to develop a better understanding of one’s own body, and to help it to activate its natural capacity for self-healing. To this end, a course of treatment at the original BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting clinic also takes into account other factors alongside a patient’s diet.

Ensuring sufficient exercise is just as important a part of a fasting treatment as relaxation. It is also vital to provide adequate stimulation for the mind during therapeutic fasting. Here we believe in the motto “While the body is fasting, the mind must not be allowed to starve”, and as such we offer our guests wide-ranging lectures, musical performances and excursions to the local theatre, cinema and concerts. The regenerative effects of fasting can only be achieved by bringing these various aspects into harmony.


It is not advisable to carry out a therapeutic fast at home, as a dietary change is challenging for the body. The processes during fasting should be monitored by medical specialists. Only in this way can you guarantee that you are helping your body.

With us in the BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting clinic in Bad Pyrmont, you will receive the right care, tailored to your exact personal requirements. In our quiet and spacious rooms, you will find the peace necessary for a successful fasting retreat.

Since abstaining from solid foods poses a real challenge to the human body, it is not advisable to fast at home. At our clinic in Bad Pyrmont, the body’s natural processes are monitored by medical specialists throughout the duration of the fasting period.

The advantages of therapeutic fasting at the BUCHINGER Clinic in Bad Pyrmont include:

Guaranteed peace of mind thanks to the care provided by our specialists.A feeling of security and well-being afforded by the attentive care of our team of nurses.A sense of relief from being far away from everyday life and space for new ideas and approaches to living.Our exercise offerings train the body and preserve muscles.Our nutritionists can teach you how to transform your eating habits – you will learn new recipes and discover new ideas for your diet.

By deliberately distancing yourself from environmental stimuli, during the fasting period you will develop your awareness of your own needs and your senses will be sharpened (taste, smell and even visual perception).

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