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Fasting: Science, Process & Benefits

When we eat, our body is essentially fed with exterior food. When we fast, le body is also nourished but by "interior food" also named self-restauration. The transition between one state to another, specially during the first fast, require a particular attention. First of all, you have to be ready in your head, you have to be determined to do it, you have to be convinced to be able to do it. But yes, you are able to do it. A normally constituted man has reserves for 40 days of fasting, a woman has much more than that. Without going that far, be quiet: your youthful week will go very well.

Fasting can be use in prevention, to improve one's health and to cure a large number of diseases. Some will be improved or stabilised, others treated and for most, symptoms will disappear. The benefits of a fast on the physical and physiological level are indisputable but we are all unique. So the emotional state, the confidence in oneself, its capacity to self-regulating, the food adjustment and the physical activity will help fasting benefits.

Fasting is more effective when associated with a global reflection on lifestyle: our food hygiene, our emotional hygiene (our thoughts, our beliefs, our fears, our limits, our stress ...) and our physical activity. We are a whole : health of the body and of the spirit are absolutely inseparable. It is absolutely necessary to change one's lifestyle in a global way so I always add food, nutrition and cooking workshops to my fasting retreats.


Do not fast if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, under 16 or if you have any of the following: Advanced coronary artery disease - Extreme weight loss - Anorexia - Advanced cerebral arteriosclerosis - Type I diabetes - Retinal detachment - Pregnancy or breast-feeding - Decompensated hyperthyroidism - Hepatic insufficiency - Renal insufficiency - Tumor diseases - Autoimmune diseases - Multiple sclerosis - Ulcer disease stomach or duodenum.

For which diseases?

Below is a non-exhaustive list of diseases for which fasting is effective.


Abscess - Acne - Tinnitus - Ageusia (Improvement of the sense of taste) - Breastfeeding (Naturally stops rising milk) Allergies - Alzheimer - Amenorrhea -Tonsillitis - Anemia - Angina - Angina pectoris - Mouth ulcers - Sleep Apnea -Appetite - Atherosclerosis arteritis - Arthritis osteoarthritis - Asthma - Atenia gastric - Slow digestion - Hearing (improving hearing) - Bloating - Bartholinitis - Beauty (tense skin and rejuvenation) - Bipolarity - Hot flashes - Buttons of fever Bradycardia Bronchitis (acute and chronic) - Burnout - Gallstones Kidney stones - Cancer - Candida - Cardiovascular (cardiovascular diseases) - Cataract - Cellulite - Chemotherapy (improvement of side effects: tiredness, hair loss, vomiting ...) - Psychological shock - Cholesterol - Circulation (arterial circulation disorder) - Liver cirrhosis - Colibacillosis colitis colopathies - Concentration - Conjunctivitis - Constipation - Rosacea - Hemorrhoidal crises - Crohn's disease- Irregular or heavy menstrual cycle - Cystitis - Tetters - Decalcification - Demineralisation teeth - Depression - Diabetes type 2 Diarrhea - Digestion - Diverticula - Joint and muscle pain - Cervical pain - Drainage Drugs (weaning) - Dysmenorrhoea Eczema - Emphysema frostbite - Sprain Physical and psychic exhaustion - Rashes bedsores - Skin growths Cold ends Chronic fatigue - Fertility fibroids fibromyalgia - Fever Anal fistulas flatulence - Liver (hepatitis C, cancer) Strain Frigidity furunculosis nodes Gastritis gums Glaucoma Goitre Throat Drop Influenza Pregnancy (before fertilisation) Hematoma Haemorrhoids Viral hepatitis Herpes hyperactivity Hypercalcemia Hypertension Prostate hypertrophy Incapacity Urinary incontinence - Chronic infections - Inflammation of the digestive tract - Insomnia - Heart failure - Venous insufficiency - Oedemated legs - Heavy legs - Legs without rest keratitis cysts - Chronic laryngitis - Heart rhythm disorders - Libido (increases libido) lipomas - Leanness (weight gain after fasting) slim - Lyme disease - Mental illness

Autoimmune diseases - Mastose Drug (weaning) - Memory - Menopause - Migraine - Fungal Nervousness Dental neuralgia Facial neuralgia Obesity neuritis Smell (improvement of smell) Edema Nails (harder with fasting) osteoporosis Otitis with repetition Ovaries (pain, cysts) Ovulation Parkinson Parodontose Skin (more luminous) Small uremia Varicose wounds Weight Rheumatoid arthritis Polyps of the nasal mucosa Polyps of the nose Prostate hypertrophy Prostate PSA (prostate cancer) Psoriasis Rejuvenation colitis Missing rules Painful periods Weight regulation Water retention retinopathy Allergic rhinitis Chronic rhinitis Infectious rhinitis Acute articular rheumatism rheumatism colds Rides sciatica Multiple sclerosis Vaginal dryness Breasts (cancer, cysts, mastitis) Chronic sinusitis Spasmophilia (with food adjustment) ankylosing Ankylosing spondylitis Sterility Stress Sweat Overweight (weight regulation) Dupuytren syndrome Raynauld syndrome Premenstrual syndrome Smoking (Weaning) Old age tasks tachycardia tendonitis Chronic tracheitis Sweat Gastric disorder You die Ulcer in gastroduodenal Varicose ulcer Urticaria Varicose veins varicoceles warts Brain aging View (improvement of the view) Shingles

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