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The Fruits & Nuts Meal - 100% Organic

W.A.O.O.® Breakfast - Introduction

Every day, all year long, one of our meals is Fruits & Nuts. We can take it instead of breakfast, lunch or dinner (at least 2 hours before going to bed). Aimed also at children and teenagers, it can be used for afternoon tea, after class or after sports. Each season brings its wide variety of fruits and oilseeds so no monotony!
Meal is made only of slow sugars, it is a meal entirely raw and vegetal, fresh, alive, zero cereals, zero dairy animal or vegetable. This meal is perfectly consistent since it consists exclusively of fresh fruit.


Its Benefits

Every day, all around the year, one of your three meals should be the W.A.O.O.®.

Either for breakfast, lunch or dinner, find your best time of the day. Kids can have it for tea time.

(I have it in the morning but you can also have it for dessert, an hour after lunch. More about my daily routine.... here)

It is important to choose a moment of the day when you have at least 30/40 min time to masticate and saliva (more about that here).

This "slow or complex sugars" meal is exclusively fresh, vegetal and raw. Each seasons brings its large variety of fruits and oil seeds.

For Harvard, the revolutionary key to start the day is a whole, anti-oxydant and organic breakfast that I call the W.A.O.O.® breakfast.Composed of fruits, oilseeds, and lemon juice, it's delicious, full of good lipids, remineralising, strengthening, it helps keeping a good transit and easily fulfilling until lunch.

I have been having this breakfast for over a year now and I cannot tell you how strong the impact on my body has been.


Now a strong advocate of the W.A.O.O.® Breakfast, you will find below the recipe and how to make it.

You can order the W.A.O.O® Breakfast and have it delivered for you every morning (within Central London).


For those who would like to taste the W.A.O.O.® Breakfast and learn how to make it with me at home, I now offer the W.A.O.O® Breakfast Workshop: an 1 hour class at home in London Mayfair or at yours.











For every Miam-O-Fruit, proceed this way:

- Squeeze the half banana with the fork (no mixer!) until it gets almost liquid and changes of colour. the idea is to oxidise the banana so you can even do it the night before.

- Add 2 full soup spoons of Rapeseed oil to the banana. Like a mayonnaise, it should completely mixes.

- Ground 3 oilseeds together (only 3 seeds!) chosen from macadamia, almonds, nuts, walnuts, pecan, pistachio, pumpkin seed, etc and add it to the mix.

- Add 1 tea spoon of grounded sesame and one spoon of grounded flaxseed to the mix.

- Squeeze the lemon and add it to the mix (a fresh lemon... no bottle).

- Prepare a nicely arranged plate with all the different fruits cut and serve with a nice cup of green tea (optional).


Every week, you can prepare the grounded flaxseeds and sesame seeds in advance for the week. Not more than what is needed for the week as you cannot keep the grounded seeds oil for more than 7 days. Use the remaining on your salads for instance and start fresh.


W.A.O.O.® Breakfast can be taken as a smoothie but only if the banana is squeezed with the fork and every sip of it, "masticated" and mixed with saliva. Not drunken quickly.


Here is what NOT TO add to the mix.

- Sugar (except Honey or Pollen), sirups

- A piece of bread, a croissant or a yogourt. The Miam-O-Fruit is enough on its own.

- Dried fruits or extra slices of banana.

- Fast digestive fruits : Oranges, Grapefruits, Watermelon, Melon, Mandarines, Grapes, etc.

- Frozen or canned fruits

- Soaked oilseeds, spirulina, cinnamon, ginger, or coco (except if freshly grated)







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